A student’s guide to planning a cruise

Summer is fast approaching, and most people plan to take a long-deserved break for the year. If you are a student looking for a quick escape from the mundane aspects of life in university, a cruise might just be the right vacation plan for you. Vacationing for a whole month when your career is about to kick off could be a risky move, and that’s where cruises come in. Ranging anywhere from five to fourteen nights, cruises are a luxurious option for students that is also budget-friendly if done correctly. Usually, with several activities offered on board and port activities such as scuba diving and sightseeing, not a minute will pass idly.

student's guide to planning a cruise
Boarding the ship

Cruising as a Student

According to Statista, 2.2 million people from North America alone traveled on cruises in 2021. That’s a huge number that shows how popular cruises are among the vacationing crowd. What’s good about a cruise is that the itinerary is usually pre-planned by the cruise company. Food and stay of good quality are guaranteed throughout. This means that the stress of planning the whole vacation is off a student’s shoulders. Before you don your holiday hat, keep the following eight steps in mind when planning a cruise as a student.

crop anonymous financier planning budget writing numbers in notebook
Setting a budget and considering how much cash you have to spare ensures you don’t overspend and turn your vacation into a financial pitfall.

1. Set a Budget

Perhaps the biggest constraint in student life is a shortage of money for continuous expenses. Setting a budget and considering how much cash you have to spare ensures you don’t overspend and turn your vacation into a financial pitfall. It’s usually way more economical to go in groups than individually, so make sure all your friends are in before planning! 

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A student's guide to planning a cruise | 23Norwegian Cruise Line Celebrates Great Cruise Comeback With First Voyage From the U.S.” class=”wp-image-35323″ width=”696″ height=”464″/>
Norwegian Gem – Port of Miami, FL Norwegian Cruise Line

2. Pick a cruise line

Once you’ve decided on your destination, you must pick a good cruise line. High seas pose the threat of isolation from immediate civilization. A good cruise line will be prepared for emergencies and ensure maximum comfort. Popular cruise lines are carnival cruises, Norwegian cruise lines, Royal Caribbean cruises, Disney cruise etc. 

Bahamas, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve
Bahamas, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve Photo credit: Conrad Schutt

3. Decide on a destination

From the Greek Islands to the Caribbean, there are multiple coastal destinations that are just breathtaking and offer activities and sights unique to the country. Decide on a destination that you want to visit and move on to the next step of your cruise planning!

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A student's guide to planning a cruise | 23
Disney Dream staterooms were designed with style, comfort and a dash of Disney magic. Immaculately appointed staterooms feature a contemporary, Art Deco-inspired design in a welcoming environment. The Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah offers spacious accommodations tailored to families of four to five. More than 70 percent of the Disney Dream’s 1,250 staterooms have a private verandah. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

4. Choose the Cabin

Your cabin will decide the view you have and the amenities you receive. Your budget will depend on how much you plan to stay in or participate in outdoor activities. 

A student's guide to planning a cruise | 23
The view from the 63ft Cruzan Breeze during our shore excursion today in St. Thomas #CarnivalLive #travel #cruise

5. Plan your excursions

The highlight of your trip is the excursions you can either pre-book or book on the ship.  This special entertainment is offered separately with the cruise line on the shore. Get ready to go snorkeling among exquisite corals or traipse through Roman ruins! 

crop businessman giving contract to woman to sign
Research your plans thoroughly to prepare for any untoward happenings.

6. Get travel insurance

Insurance is the only legal way to protect yourself on the high seas. Research your plans thoroughly to prepare for any untoward happenings. Use the best translation service when you vet legal documents in foreign languages. Make sure your insurance is done in advance to avoid any issues.

Packing Tips
Packing Tips

7. Pack wisely

Make a list of all your travel essentials and medications. Don’t forget to pack clothes appropriate for on-deck events as well! Keep your luggage compact, as you’d be moving around a lot.


All there’s left to do now is enjoy your cruise! Relax as you check off each step in this comprehensive guide to your cruisecation. This summer, get ready to sip your piña colada as you bask on the sunny deck, enjoying the mild ocean breeze. 

Elaine Bailey
Elaine Bailey
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