Choosing A Season To Cruise

Many first time and seasoned cruisers often encounter confusion or indecision when it comes to choosing the right time to take a cruise. While there really is no absolute answer, there are varying pros and cons for different times of the year.

Spring can be a great time for a cruise. Winter is just beginning to melt away, flowers are beginning to bloom, and special itineraries are being offered to destinations not sailed year round. Many cruisers will find this an optimal time to find low prices to the Mexican Riviera, Bermuda, the Panama Canal, and even the Caribbean. While prices are typically low in the spring, cruisers should take warning to the possibility of sailing with rambunctious spring breakers or large families during spring and Easter vacations.

Cruising through the Caribbean during the summer is part of the classic cruise imagery. The sun, the beach, the palm trees, and the  umbrella drinks. The summer is the cruise industry’s high season and can often see higher prices compared to the rest of the year. During the summer, cruise lines make their return to Alaska, send multiple ships to the Mediterranean, and break out the calypso drums in the Caribbean. Besides the higher than normal pricing, cruising in the summer carries a potential penalty for those in the Caribbean. Hurricane season begins in early June and extends throughout the entire summer. While very unlikely, a cruise during the summer could alter your planned itinerary. This summer season, regardless of weather threats, will continue to be the leading season for cruise vacations.

Fall & Winter
Both the fall and winter seasons  carry similar pros and cons. Prices during these seasons tend to be lower and alternate destinations such as the Mexican Riviera, South America, Australia, and Asia tend to have more itineraries offered. Winter is also high season for the Caribbean, bringing in a number of other cruise lines and ships. Many varying and longer itineraries are offered during the winter season. Carrying over from summer, hurricanes can still pose a threat to sailings in the fall, but don’t more often than not. Winter is usually a very popular season for cruisers in the north, as many are looking for a reprieve from the cold, harsh snow storms that make their way through the northern states. For cruisers looking for low priced itineraries on a number of additional cruise lines and ships, the fall and winter is a great season to cruise.

Whichever time of the year you may choose to cruise, odds are you will still find the relaxing, stress free cruise vacation you are looking for.

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