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We were excited to see that our very own Cruise Addicts ROKU Channel Cruise Addicts on ROKUwas recently featured on Yahoo Tech’s recent article listing the “15 Craziest Roku Channels“. We are listed #1!

Before I knew it, I found that we were also listed in another article on featuring the “15 Bizarre and crazy Roku channels you have to check out“. If that was not enough, I found this article, “Unusual Roku Channels That Actually Exist” from

It takes a special, disturbing kind of person to identify as a cruise addict. But this is the channel where these freaks convene. – Yahoo Tech

What is a ROKU?

Cruise Addicts ROKU Channel
You can watch Cruise Addicts from your TV

Roku is a streaming media player and allow you to stream channels like Netlix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Cruise Addicts and over 2,000 others easily to your TV. Whats even better, is most are FREE! They offer several devices that easily connect to your TV and now even have TV’s with Roku device inside. I become a big fan of the device and then created my own channel for my favorite subject, cruise travel. My family uses Netflix daily and barely watch cable TV anymore. We don’t use Redbox or any other DVD players because we can buy or rent the latest movies from Amazon’s Instant Video Roku Channel. Amazon also lets me watch any of the purchased or rented videos on my PC, Smartphone and ROKU anytime. Videos are stored in the Amazon Cloud, so theirs no worry. You can watch SD or HD videos, the player adjusts to your TV’s capabilities.

To learn more about the ROKU player visit their website at If you have a ROKU player be sure to ADD Cruise Addicts to your devices channel lineup, just Click Here.

Happy Streaming!









John Shallo
John Shallo
John Shallo is the founder and editor of Cruise Addicts. Since 1999 it has been a leading destination for cruise travelers and self professed Cruise Addicts looking for the latest news, ship reviews and travel tips.

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