Cruise Ship Casino’s Can Be Entertaining For New Cruisers

So many people in the United States or around the world don’t have easy access to a Casino. This could be to local laws or customs. Today you can easily visit online casino games. However, Most mainstream cruise lines have a large casino onboard. Even the smaller ships dedicate a good portion of the ship to a casino. This is often the first exposure to actual casino games for many people. I know it was for me.

What Games Are Available

The different games do vary from cruise line to cruise line. However, you will often see

  • Blackjack

  • Roulette

  • Three-card and electronic poker

  • Craps

  • Bingo

  • Slot Machines.

Some lines include Texas Hold ’em and let it ride. On most cruise lines you must be 18 years old and a few mandates 21. On an Alaska cruise you must also be 21 to gamble. Minimum bets do vary per cruise line but, $5 for blackjack and craps; $1 for roulette; penny slots is a good estimate.

Some Cruise Lines Don’t Have A Casino

No long ago it was almost of unheard of for any major cruise line to not have a casino. However, Disney Cruise Line made waves when it began sailing on July 30, 1998 without a casino onboard. They are now joined by Viking Ocean Cruises who offer small ship cruises for Adults-Only don’t have a casino or even bingo onboard. Heck, Viking doesn’t even have any photographers interrupting you from eating that amazing souffle dessert.  We are noticing many cruise lines changing how they operate. We are starting to hear more cruise lines claiming they don’t nickel and dime their guests.

Cruise Compete

Cruise Line’s Players Clubs

If you love cruising and gambling at the Casino, many cruise lines have specific Players Clubs. They hope to entice you to cruise with them and of course gamble when onboard. This could very well mean reduced cruise fares on a future cruise and other incentives to get you onboard. Here is a list of the lines Player’s Clubs:

When onboard and gambling be sure to join the cruise line’s Players Club so you can earn points and rewards. This may mean great perks during your current or future cruise just due to your game play.

If you’re going to gamble please budget how much you plan to spend during your cruise. Gaming can take place at a casino hotel, online sports betting and more. Just make sure you have fun and treat any money spent as entertainment and don’t spend more than you originally budgeted.

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