Family Cruise Day 4: Carnival Liberty – Freeport, Bahamas

Today we woke up early once again and watched from our Balcony as we docked in Freeport. Everyone got ready, and we made our way to the Main Dining Room for Breakfast. Everything was cooked perfectly and arrived quickly. It was such a pleasure not having to get up because we forgot butter for the pancakes or wanted another cup of coffee in the buffet area. I think the Main Dining Room makes any meal on board more relaxing. The only exception to this rule is Lunch Time on a Port Day when almost everyone is not aboard the ship. Then you have full run of the Buffet area. You can easily get around with little or no lines at all the buffet stations.


After Breakfast, we went to meet in the Venetian Palace theatre for our day’s excursion. We are going on a four and a half hour Beach Getaway which includes a 30-minute bus ride to and from the beach. We arrived, checked-in, and then lined up. Soon we exited the theatre and made our way off the ship. Once outside we; and what seemed like 300 other cruisers, waited for our buses to arrive. Before long, it started getting hot in the open sun. It was so hot grown men, grabbed cardboard boxes from a trash container to shade themselves. Soon it was announced that the buses were running late, but our time at the beach would start when we arrived. During this time other buses came. However, they were not for us. About ten more minutes passed, and the first tour bus arrived for our group, and people began boarding. Six minutes later the second bus arrived, and it was a large double decker bus. However, before long the two buses pulled away. Nothing more was told to our group. Now we had gone from hot to over-heated, and people in the group were getting disgruntled. I walked over and asked the tour operator if more buses were coming and they said yes, but unfortunately they couldn’t be specific about how long the wait would be. When I returned to my family, my youngest daughter began crying due to the extreme heat from waiting almost an hour curbside. Due to this, I asked the tour supervisor if we could cancel the excursion. She said yes and was very kind and understanding. I later spoke to the Shore Excursion Manager onboard to double check things. He provided us with a full refund and apologized for the problems. To be honest, this was a first time I ever had to cancel an excursion, but things happen. I write this not to complain, but to show nothing is perfect. We chose to do something different due to the above, and it turned out to be a beautiful day.

Plan B

Next, we moved out of the sun to relax and get rejuvenated. How do you recover from this with two young girls? Go shopping of course! So we made our way to the local market for some shopping. Both girls had their hair braided as well. Meagan had a half- braid and Savannah a quarter. They enjoyed it and wanted to keep it in for a long time. Next, they did some more retail therapy buying some local items. Before long we were back on the ship. My youngest was thrilled to find the ship’s slide with NO LINE, and we had barely any wait at the Mongolian Wok for Lunch.

New Places Onboard

I took this extra time on board to look around and check out the Ole’ Fashioned BBQ. I sampled some of the meat and sides and found them to be just as good as the Guy’s Pig & Anchor BBQ. The selection of meat and sides were limited to Pork Butt, Chicken, and Smoked Beef. The sides were also limited in number, but just as good.

They even offer Guy’s BBQ Sauces. It was nice to see this offered onboard Carnival Liberty, and I hope you try it for yourself. I also went to look at the Seafood Shack onboard. I wanted to try the Buffalo Shrimp bucket, but I filled up on the BBQ and Mongolian Wok. The Seafood Shack is a great new addition for Seafood lovers. For a fee, you can order New England Clam Chowder, Fried Seafood Buckets, Steamed Crab and The Catch Of The Day and more at Market Price. For a detailed list take a look at the Seafood Shack Menu. One thing is sure on this ship. You won’t be limited on your choices of great food. After several hours of pool and slide time on deck, we returned to our cabin to get cleaned up for Dinner.

Into The Ships Galley

Last night we were invited to come to the ships gallery for a pre-dinner tasting. So tonight we made sure to be at our meeting spot on time.We didn’t know how many people would be joining us. I thought it might be some variation of a Galley tour, so we it made a point to be on time. We loved the experience and enjoyed tasting the many different dishes on that night’s menu.

The Chef explained how the dishes were prepared. For example, the soup stock took 72hrs to make. He went on to explain the many ingredients included in the dishes. My wife and I later talked at dinner how the brief explanation on the dinner menu’s, didn’t convey the complexity of each dish.

Before leaving the dining room, the waiters put on a great show and farewell song.

One More Night

When we left dinner, we had to make one last stop at the Cherry On Top for more Candy for our girls. Everyone chose to see the America Rock’s, Playlist Production show. We arrived a little early and were given Bandanas and Glow sticks. They even were doing face painting for all the guests young and old right on the stage. The show was performed by an incredible live band and featured pyrotechnics and lasers throughout the performance. It was a great blend of live music, dance and memorable vocal performances. The two production shows during this cruise have been a true highlight of our trip.

After the show, we followed the Cruise Director to the ship’s atrium and participated in the Sing Along with hundreds of others. It was a lot of fun. As I mentioned before, Chis Donkey Salazar is a great Cruise Director. I hope you get a chance to take a cruise on one of his ships. Once the show was over it was time for us to start packing our luggage and set them outside the door.

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