MSC Seascape to Build on MSC Cruises’ Award-Winning Family Offerings With New and Interactive Onboard Experiences

MSC Cruises’ upcoming U.S. flagship, MSC Seascape, will elevate the family experience and provide children with endless options for onboard entertainment. Today the line revealed plans to delight family members of all ages with 98 hours of live entertainment per cruise, more than 7,500 square feet of dedicated kids’ space, and cutting-edge amusement options when the ship begins offering 7-night cruises in December 2022.

More than 350,000 young guests have sailed with MSC Cruises over the years, and the line continues to expand its extraordinary experiences for all ages through award-winning programming and partnerships. With the rise in multi-generational travel and an increasing number of young cruisers, MSC Seascape will take family entertainment to another level with new and unforgettable options.  

MSC Seascape to Build on MSC Cruises' Award-Winning Family Offerings With New and Interactive Onboard Experiences | 23
MSC Seashore, Teens Club

Steve Leatham, Global Head of Entertainment, MSC Cruises, said: “We have invested heavily in the entertainment proposition for our youngest guests. We know they value the latest technology, trends and happenings more than any other group, and we lead the way in creating special vacationsThe ship programming is full of innovations in hardware and software, and we have taken care to ensure that all age groups have exclusive access to all the amazing venues and spaces onboard this amazing ship. We are working with many partners and producing much of the content ourselves, ensuring everything is relevant and fits with our amazing ships.”

MSC Seascape to Build on MSC Cruises' Award-Winning Family Offerings With New and Interactive Onboard Experiences | 23
MSC Seashore, Baby Club Chicco


MSC Seascape will offer one of the largest children’s areas in the fleet, spanning 7,567 square feet of dedicated space and featuring a fresh, futuristic design. New spaces include:

  • TWO LEGO® ROOMS: The cruise line will build on its partnership with LEGO®, debuting two exclusively designed LEGO® rooms that cater to different experience levels. One room will offer LEGO® DUPLO® for ages 3 to 6, and the other room will cater to Juniors ages 7 to 11 with LEGO® bricks and the opportunity to earn a certificate for becoming a LEGO® Master Builder.
  • THREE NEW CONCEPT SPACES FOR TEENS: Guests from 12 to 17 years old will enjoy three new themed areas to engage with other teens their age. The first space will center around “Future” and features a technology area with the latest generation consoles, VR and screens.The “Chill Out” area will offer a place for teens to talk, exchange social media contacts and challenge each other to games of ping pong and foosball. The third space celebrates “Music” with a dance club featuring light and sound effects that allows teens to choose their own songs late into the night.
MSC Seascape to Build on MSC Cruises' Award-Winning Family Offerings With New and Interactive Onboard Experiences | 23
MSC Seashore, Young Club


Family entertainment will bring people of all ages together aboard MSC Seascape, with live interactive games incorporating the latest technology. New game shows launching on MSC Seascape include:

MSC Seascape
MSC Seascape to be christened in New York City

Matteo Mancini, Corporate Kids Entertainment Manager, MSC Cruises, said: “With MSC Seascape, we want to surprise and leave Generation Z speechless. We’ve listened to the 350,000 young people who have travelled with us over the years and followed their trends and requests. We will offer even more space and new experiences for teenagers, have exclusive game shows for this age group and the first ‘edutainment’ game show dedicated to history, bringing in the concepts of new technology and social media.” 

In addition to new family programming options, MSC Seascape will offer the signature experiences that have established MSC Cruises as the ideal option for family vacations. Other activities and entertainment that can be enjoyed on board include:

  • DOREMILAND, THE DOCUMENTARY: All cabins with children and teenagers will include an exclusive travel talk broadcast in the form of a documentary, immersing parents and kids in all the services and activities that await them during the cruise. This sensational behind-the-scenes documentary shows guests the secrets behind the creation of MSC Cruise’s family product.
  • MSC DANCE CREW: Developed in partnership with Fremantle, the production company behind globally successful TV talent shows like Idols, The X Factor and Got Talent series, this competition experience lets teams of 10- to 17-year-olds battle to win the title of dance crew of the year.
  • CABIN 12006—THE EXPERIENCE: MSC’s original web series, “Cabin 12006,” is now also a live entertainment experience consisting of seven different activities, including a family game show and a casting session with performances.
  • TLS TEENS LATE SHOW: Each week, teens will be the cast of a real “Late Show” live from the Teens Club that will focus on trends, music charts, guest stars, the most loved TV series, games and prizes.
  • MSC FOUNDATION JUNIOR AMBASSADORS: The MSC Foundation provides young guests with the tools for understanding projects like marine conservation, making them the center of dedicated activities aimed at bettering the world.

With extended operating hours for the Kids Club and Teens Club, and extra attractions including the Aquapark, MSC Formula Racer and more, activities abound on MSC Seascape to help families create an unforgettable vacation.

MSC Seascape

For more information about MSC Seascape, please click here.

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