Five Reasons to Take an Adult-Only Cruise

Cruises are one of the fastest growing sectors of the tourism industry. Last year, over 26 million passengers were carried by an ever increasing fleet of ocean liners and river boats. 13 new vessels were launched last year, the biggest of which can comfortably fit 5400 holidaymakers. It is an industry teeming with variety; there are long cruises, short cruises, trips to tropical destinations and others nearer to home. Caribbean and Mediterranean cruises are some of the most frequently requested, although Nordic cruises are also growing in popularity.

Another increasing trend is that of the adult-only cruise. Most cruise liners provide an adult-only area, somewhere to go for a little peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle. Companies saw a growing demand for such places and decided that there was a need that could be fulfilled with a child-free cruise. Now there are adult-only cruises available on many popular routes and the reasons to choose one are many.

Unused Facilities

Family cruise liners are designed with children in mind, so you would expect them to be overflowing with colourful activities and exciting entertainments. But even those that aren’t designed specifically for children, recognise that keeping them confined to a ship with no places to play is a bad idea. So adults cruising without children will still find their ship taken up by colourful water slides, children’s entertainers and entire playrooms that they have no desire to enter. Yet all this is still included in the bill. People cruising without children are paying for facilities that they cannot use, and finding that the space for things they do want to do is more limited. With a huge variety of companies, ships and routes out there, you can make sure that you don’t end up on a party ship, if you’re looking for an easy going time.

Adult-only cruise liners are not just designed for peace and quiet, the lack of children on board means that more space is given over to adult activities. These ships often offer grander dining experiences, spacious spas and glamourous casinos. The nightlife is designed with no fears of waking little sleepers, any cruisers can party away knowing that they can sleep off the hangover in peace.

Prepare to be Pampered

Brown towel on green fern with candles and black hot stone on wooden background.
Brown towel on green fern with candles and black hot stone on wooden background. Hot stone massage setting lit by candles. Hot stone therapy for one person with candle light. Beauty spa treatment and relax concept.

Adult-only cruises are all about luxury. Many liners include premier spa and relaxation facilities, as well as onboard gym equipment and personal trainers. Virgin Voyages has just announced the specifications for their new adult-only vessels and they include a running track, outdoor yoga deck and hydrotherapy pool. With most holiday makers wanting somewhere they can relax and de-stress away from work, a floating wellness ship sounds idyllic.

The dining halls will feel more luxurious too. How many times have you sat down to a romantic meal, only to have it ruined by screaming children at a different table? With adult-only tables, the drama is kept to a minimum, the ambiance isn’t ruined by cartoon character themes and the chef is free to keep the menu high class.

Take a Little Risk

One of the biggest draws of adult-only casinos are the opulent casinos. Gambling is a great way to have fun with your friends or your partner and many cruise goers enjoy taking advantage of the facilities. With more space available, onboard casinos can be of a similar size and standard to land-based casinos; able to offer slots and table games, bars with table service, and round-the-clock entertainment.

Royal Caribbean offer fantastic casino cruises, with their adult-only vessels competing with the Las Vegas hotels for their sumptuous rooms and stylish casinos. Different games are available depending on which route you take, but all offer a few staples like slot machines. Slot machines are a great entry game for people who haven’t really gambled before, as they are easy to use and you don’t have to learn a load of rules to be able to play. They also have a host of great features, such as progressive jackpots and cascading reels which make the games even more exciting.

Something in Common

Whether you are in your twenties or your sixties, holidays are more fun if you are with people your own age. Not only will the people you meet understand where you are in life, but you will more than likely have shared experiences and views. Adult-only cruises offer likeminded people the opportunity to socialise. Whether by the pool or when grouped together on an excursion, if you’re a single person thrown together with families, you’re going to feel in the minority.

There are even divisions with the adult-only market to help holidaymakers find companions of a similar age. Several cruise companies market exclusively to the over 50s, offering cruises that are more laid back and guaranteed to be quieter than those marketed to millennials.

Room for Romance

Without the distraction of children – either your own or everybody else’s – an adult-only cruise is the perfect place to reconnect with your partner. Whether relaxing by the pool, chilling out with a tailored treatment in the spa, or enjoying a three-course candlelit dining experience, the focus can be 100% on you and your partner. The naturally peaceful atmosphere on an adult-only cruise creates a wonderfully romantic vibe that continues into the night: nothing breaks the mood like the screams of tired children from the cabin next door!

Cruise Compete

It’s easy to see why adult-only cruises have become so popular. The upscale dining rooms, space for improved spa and exercise facilities, and laid-back entertainment options are small perks when compared to the change in atmosphere that comes without moody teenagers or screaming toddlers. Whether your children have grown, been left at home, or you don’t have any of your own, there is something on an adult-only cruise to make everyone feel rested and relaxed.

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