Different Kind of Sports you can play on a cruise ship

The best way to unwind and enjoy a vacation is to book a trip on a cruise ship. A cruise ship vacation is great in a number of ways; you can get out of the city, you get to see new places, you get to enjoy the sea and the sun, you get to socialise and meet new people, and you get to enjoy great food and sample a few exotic drinks too. So, all in all, a cruise ship vacation is a great way to enjoy the finer things in life. Another great thing about cruises is you can find a lonely nook to enjoy a spin on spinzwin.com/scratch-cards/

Another amazing aspect of cruise ships is the sports you get to participate in and enjoy. Right from the person who hasn’t set his eyes on sporting equipment in his/her life to the athletic type who lives for the fun of sports each and everybody can enjoy some sort of sport on a cruise ship. Here are some of the most common Kind of Sports you can play on a cruise ship.


Any book, movie or TV show that involves a cruise ship has to have a scene with the characters enjoying a game of Shuffleboard. This is one of the most popular forms of entertainment available on a cruise ship and one that is generally not as popular anywhere else. Every cruise ship has one of more Shuffleboard court either on the promenade decks or somewhere up at the top of the ship. The best thing about this sport is that you can enjoy a game, which enjoys a conversion while enjoying the wonderful view of the sun, sky and the sea. If you are on a cruise, this is one activity you much experience at least once.


Golf is a game of leisure, and a cruise ship is all about leisure. Hence, most big cruise ships always have at least a nine-hole mini-golf course for the enjoyment of their passengers. Golf is a fun game, and it is something that is the least competitive of sports and hence, can be enjoyed with family, friends, acquaintances or even strangers. So, if it is rest and relaxation you are planning, enjoy a game of non-competitive golf on your cruise ship vacation.

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Most cruise ships have paddle tennis or table tennis. Table tennis is a popular sport with people on vacation, especially at sea. Paddle tennis is very similar to ordinary lawn tennis, the only difference being you play with a paddle instead of a packet. So, there are two common sports that people enjoy on a cruise.


Some cruise ships even have bowling alleys. Bowling is a sport that can be learnt quickly and can be played by any and everybody. So, this is another sport that you have to try when on a cruise.

Water Volleyball

Most cruise ships have a pool onboard, where passengers can enjoy a game of water volleyball too!

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