MSC World Europa Now Available To Book

MSC Cruises’ most innovative and environmentally advanced vessel to date, MSC World Europa is now open for booking.

The first in a trailblazing new class of ships – the MSC World Class, this next-generation ship introduces to the market a completely new platform that boasts future-proof marine and on board hospitality technologies as well as ground-breaking and ultramodern design all-around. 

“Quite unlike anything else at sea today, MSC World Europa and the entire MSC World Class redefines the cruise experience in so many ways: from the future-proof on board technologies that this completely new platform introduces for the first time all the way to its ground-breaking marine and interior design features. Put it simply, MSC World Europa marks the beginning of a new era for cruising” – MSC Cruises’ Executive Chairman Pierfrancesco Vago

Guests will find numerous reasons to book MSC World Europa, but here are four of the top highlights.

LED-sky screen aboard MSC World Europa
MSC World Europa features an breathtaking LED Sky Screen

1.) Guest Experiences For All Ages

As a brand-new prototype, the MSC World class ships have enabled MSC Cruises architects to create so much more than just new features, and instead guests will find a veritable world of different experiences – an ultramodern urban metropolis at sea. The size of the ship allows for completely distinct districts, each with their own mood and experiences, from a tranquil adults-only zen district to the lively promenade with entertainment, shops and bars, to a separate family district that houses as many as ten new kids facilities. The result is a vibrant cosmopolitan melting pot, for a varied and exciting guest experience that is unlike any other at sea today.

Among the many leisure activities on board, guests will be faced with choosing which of the new single-brand shops to visit first and how to divide their time between the incredible variety of six pools and 14 hot tubs. A family sundeck will offer the littlest ones a chance to enjoy a day at sea, while an Aquapark with integrated virtual reality technology will entertain both children and every adult’s inner child in equal measure. Guests can also expect the same high quality, full-scale production theater shows that they have come to expect from MSC Cruises, as well as new and exciting, immersive performance venues.

Jean-Philippe Chocolat & Café
MSC World Europa will feature a Jean-Philippe Chocolat & Café

2.) Next-Level Dining Experiences

MSC World Europa also features next-level dining, not limited to geographical boundaries, but based around seasonality and carefully curated immersive experiences. There will be a strong focus on artisanal and craft products, particularly in the variety of bars and lounges, as well as new exceptional gourmet dining concepts.

The ship will feature 13 dining venues, including an incredible six specialty restaurants. The new prototype offers a blank canvas with the opportunity to introduce brand-new concepts and immersive experiences, based around creative expression and offering an unexpected, interactive experience. The two entirely new locations include the trendy Chef’s Garden Kitchen focusing on flavorful microgreens and La Pescaderia, a traditional seafood grill with alfresco seating.  Fan favorites will also return with enhancements, including the classic American-style steakhouse Butcher’s Cut and Asian-inspired Kaito Teppanyaki Grill and Sushi Bar, as well as the newly launched Latin American street food-inspired Hola! Tacos & Cantina. Guests will also have the opportunity to discover not one but three ample restaurant-buffets on board, each offering their distinct ambiance, including a brand-new location open 24/7.

The snack and bar selection will also set itself apart, with numerous soon-to-be-revealed concepts making their debut and familiar faces returning with amplified offerings, such as the Masters of the Sea Pub, which will be split across two decks and brew craft beer specially on board for the first time. Other concepts will include the Elixir – Mixology Bar with elaborate signature cocktails, a South Asian-style tea room filled with perfumes from the East, an authentic Emporium coffee bar with selections from around the world, a widely stocked Gin Bar inspired by a real distillery, a zesty juice bar made from fresh ingredients, a gelateria with a multitude of flavors to tempt your sweet-tooth, and many more to come!

MSC World Europa Now Available To Book | 20
Infinite Ocean view staterooms with a panoramic sliding window that turns into a glass balustrade when open

3.) New and Stylish Staterooms

MSC World Europa will also offer an extensive range of accommodation options for every taste, with a staggering 19 different categories to choose from and 65% of staterooms including balconies. The ship will see the introduction of seven new and innovative stateroom types. These include:

  • Balcony suites and staterooms that overlook the promenade designed for guests to soak up the vibrant atmosphere below.
  • Luxurious duplex MSC Yacht Club suites with large balconies and private hot tub, as well as open living/dining room area.
  • Stylish Aurea Suites with spacious balcony and private hot tub.
  • Infinite Ocean view staterooms with a panoramic sliding window that turns into a glass balustrade when open.

Whether guests seek increased sea views, larger balconies, more spacious staterooms than ever before or other requirements, MSC World Europa offers increased options to meet each of these needs.

The Zen Pool bar
The Zen Pool bar

4.) Future-Proof Design

MSC World Europa’s ground-breaking design is based on a new platform and sets her apart. With a striking futuristic silhouette, the ship’s signature 90-degree plumb bow shaped like an arrow will cut through the water with ease. The impressive, never before seen Y-shaped aft opens onto the impressive 341-ft.-long Europa Promenade with breath-taking ocean views. Half open to the sky and half-covered by an imposing LED-sky screen, the screen will feature tailor-made displays throughout the day.

One of the key features of the completely reimagined ship is The Spiral – a striking architectural centerpiece in the form of a dry slide spanning 11 decks – the longest at sea! The sleek curves of the impressive stainless-steel slide make it a true work of art as well as a fun way to get from the top of the ship to the promenade.

At 1,093 ft. long, 22 decks high and with 430,556 sq. ft. of public space, MSC World Europa is MSC Cruises’ longest ship in the fleet, but this space is not just for show. The increased size means that the ship will offer a variety of novel and engaging experiences to be enjoyed by one and all.

MSC World Europa Now Available To Book | 20
MSC World Europa will be the first LNG-powered vessel in MSC Cruises’ fleet and the most environmentally advanced to-date.

Environmentally Advanced

MSC World Europa will be the first LNG-powered vessel in MSC Cruises’ fleet and the most environmentally advanced to-date. The fuel she runs on, Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), is one of the world’s cleanest marine fuels available at scale and is set to play a key role in the transition to the decarbonization of international shipping. It strongly reduces local air pollutant emissions like sulphur oxides by up to 99 percent and nitrogen oxides by up to 85 percent.  LNG also plays a key role in climate change mitigation as it offers CO2 reductions amounting to 25 percent and is paving the way to the uptake of sustainable non-fossil fuels hydrogen and ammonia.

In addition, MSC World Europa will feature selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, shore-to-ship power connectivity, advanced wastewater treatment systems designed in line with the International Maritime Organization’s MEPC 227(64), underwater radiated noise management system and a wide range of energy efficient equipment that help reduce and optimize engine use.

What Itinerary Will She Sail?

MSC Cruises newest ship will come into service on December 2022 and will spend her inaugural season in the Gulf giving guests the ultimate winter cruise experience. Her season will commence with a special 4-night sailing from Doha in Qatar to her new homeport of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

MSC World Europa will offer 7-night cruises from Dubai to the nearby modern metropolis of Abu Dhabi, on to Sir Bani Yas Island, where guests will have a chance to discover an exotic array of wildlife or bask in the warm sun on the immaculate beaches, all exclusive to MSC Cruises guests when in port. Her program in the Gulf has been enriched with calls in the port of Dammam, Saudi Arabia, visiting Al Ahsa oasis, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The ship also calls Doha, the futuristic capital of Qatar, before returning to Dubai with an overnight in the city to discover all the marvels it has to offer.

Departing Dubai on March 25, 2023, MSC World Europa will head to the Mediterranean Sea. In summer 2023, she will offer 7-night cruises calling the Italian ports of Genoa, Naples and Messina, as well as Valletta in Malta, Barcelona in Spain and Marseille in France.

How To Book A Cruise?

You can now book this ship, and loyal MSC Voyagers Club members will also benefit from an additional 5% discount for a period of two weeks, on top of their usual 5% discount.

To find out more about MSC World Europa, click here.

To book at cruise, guests should contact a preferred travel advisor, or visit

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