An Easy Way To Explore European Destinations

Traveling is fun, and making a plan for your travel could go both ways: either it will be a very joyful or a very stressful process. I always want to find the simplest and most enjoyable way to plan my trip, so that’s what I did. I found INSIDR.co as a one-stop portal for information regarding interesting destinations all around Europe, and I don’t want to keep it just to myself! I want to share some of my findings to you guys. Check it out!

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What can you do in Paris? Many things! Even if it was on Sunday, where many places are closed, INSIDR has a list of things you can do on Sunday in Paris. Red Light District in Paris is another thing that interests me, and it was where the infamous Moulin Rouge is located. Among all the interesting shows that are happening in Paris, the show in Moulin Rouge is the one I found the most interesting. I read a very detailed article about Moulin Rouge that talks about the history of the French Cancan and also about the production and craftsmanship that takes place to keep the show running consistently. Did you know that the costumes, boots, and even the feathers that go on stage are all hand-crafted? That’s amazing!

An Easy Way To Explore European Destinations | 4

For some people, going to Paris is not complete yet without doing a full day of shopping trip. It was not without a reason; you can find just almost everything in Paris, from local boutiques to luxury brands. For example, if you want to find small tasteful boutiques, you should go to Le Marais, which is a beautiful area with many local shops around. You can also try to hunt for a treasure in one of these best places to go shopping for a vintage clothing store or a flea market in Paris. It’s not impossible that you will find many hidden gems in these places!

An Easy Way To Explore European Destinations | 4

When it comes to food, you have an endless choice in Paris, and you can’t miss trying various foods in Paris. Start from brunch that you can get with no more than €20 to the most romantic dinner cruise, you can find anything in Paris. If you have a special diet, most certainly you will still find a place for you. Check out INSIDR website to get restaurants recommendations even for vegetarians or gluten-free foods.

An Easy Way To Explore European Destinations | 4

If you have the time, you can also visit Versailles which is just right outside of Paris and will be totally worth the visit. You can get the Versailles map from INSIDR which also includes all of the favorite spots in the area. You will be able to see more than the Versailles Palace once you are there, and you can also get the best recommendation of what to eat in Versailles. It will totally simplify your trip planning.

An Easy Way To Explore European Destinations | 4

For a different but very French activity, you can do a wine tasting. Each region in France has its own wine, but several regions are more well-known than the others. Let’s say regions like Bordeaux and Bourgogne, which were the leading producer of wine. You can go through the wine routes in Bourgogne, starts from Dijon, the beautiful city with many histories. The city center of Dijon is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From there, you can go to several small villages and commune in the wine route, like Macon and Beaune.

An Easy Way To Explore European Destinations | 4

Bordeaux is probably the most famous one for their wine. Similar to in Bourgogne, surrounding areas of Bordeaux also has a lot of wineries or châteaux, like in Saint Emilion and Medoc. There are several places around Bordeaux that you should visit. If you only have several days to spend in Bordeaux, check out the ready-made itineraries for 2 days or 3 days in Bordeaux by INSIDR. You can do a road trip along Bordeaux, visiting the areas around the city, and make sure not to miss these things you should do in Bordeaux!

An Easy Way To Explore European Destinations | 4

A little bit different than those two, you can go not far from Paris to Champagne. What is this region famous for? Yes, you guessed it. The champagne! You can do a day trip from Paris to Reims if your time is pressed. The champagne testing that you can do in Reims is totally worth it!

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