MSC Seaside Family Cruise: Day 6 – Sea Day

Today will be the last sea day of our cruise. I’ve woken up early this morning to take a walk all-around the ship to take some photos. When I first began cruising I was given some advice. When cruising you should kiss the ship good morning and goodnight. Try to get up early and walk the ship’s decks just before sunrise. You will find the ship is very quiet and you will feel like you almost have the ship to yourself.  Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to watch the sunrise. You can also get a great vantage point as the ship docks in port during the early morning. In the evening you can do the same but, gaze at the stars or even the moon. Find a quiet spot on an upper deck and snuggle with your someone special. With the wind washing over you, enjoy the moment and being one with nature on the open sea.

MSC Seaside Family Cruise: Day 6 - Sea Day | 23
alt=”MSC Seaside Cappuccino” width=”1024″ height=”498″ /> MSC Seaside Cappuccino

Early Morning Aboard MSC Seaside

As I made my way around MSC Seaside I took many photos and explored her different areas. I enjoyed the peace and seeing the spaces empty. As I mentioned before, it is really nice to walk around the ship in the early morning. On this morning I stopped and had a nice cup of coffee and watched the Sunrise and thought about the day ahead.

MSC Seaside open deck views
MSC Seaside offers a wide array of open deck space to enjoy the views in comfort.

MSC Seaside is a beautiful ship both inside and out. One of our favorite places to visit on board was the Seaview Lounge. During the evenings the lights were turned down and a Jazz Band played here. It was the perfect place to unwind over a nice drink after dinner.

MSC Seaside Family Cruise: Day 6 - Sea Day | 23
aboard MSC Seaside” width=”1024″ height=”498″ /> The Seaview Lounge aboard MSC Seaside
The Seaview Lounge aboard MSC Seaside
The beautiful architecture matched the decor in the Seaview Lounge aboard MSC Seaside.

Lunch Time

Before long it was soon Lunch Time. We ate from one of the two Buffets more than we normally would on a cruise. I think because they were so convenient for any meal. The food was always fresh and we never waited in any line. I know, this almost doesn’t seem correct. A buffet without a line.

Here is some of what you can expect aboard MSC Seaside for Lunch:

Zip Line Time

How could I sail aboard the ship with the longest zip-line at sea and not take a ride.  To be precise the zip-line is 345 feet long. So me and my daughter Meagan walked down to get signed-up and pay the small fee for single rides. You can purchase an unlimited rides pass for alittle more. We then made our way up to where the Zip-Line started and Meagan went first. To be honest, I was alittle concerned. I had never ridden on a zip-line before and as they are strapping gear and connecting you to the line I had to wonder to myself? Was this a good idea?

MSC Seaside Zip-Line
Me soaring down the Zip-Line aboard MSC Seaside. What a great experience for everyone.

Before you know it, your soaring above the ship and you remember the instructions to lift your legs at the landmark point and it is over. It was wonderful! Such a smooth and enjoyable ride. I highly recommend it to everyone. Well worth it all around.

Dinner & A Show

On our last night aboard I wanted to try the Asian-fusion restaurant by Chef Roy Yamaguchi. The restaurant is beautiful and we really enjoyed the warm ambiance and attentive service.

A real treat was the Asian ribs, they amazing and everyone enjoyed their entree’s. It was a unique experience we all enjoyed. Our foodie family likes to try new things and this was a highlight of our cruise.

As our Dinner came to an end we made our way to the Metropolitan Theatre for the evening’s show. Here is a taste of what we experienced:

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